• October 23, 2021
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Knowing the right skill set for you will help you achieve a vast knowlege that Technology is here to stay and you will feel comfortable in the niche which you fall under.
Building a career in tech will definitely be of use in the long run. Just as you needed to be interested in education to stay in school even when things were not going smoothly, you need to be interested in tech/digital stuff to become a guru. Beyond attending classes, you need to practice and practice a little more each time even after choosing the right skill set.


Are you confused about choosing the right skill set for yourself? First, you have to be sure of the reason you want a skill in tech. Do you want to be a freelancer or want to make it a career path? This would help you in selecting your courses. But in all, any tech skill can allow you to work remotely for multinationals if you learn from the best and practice twice as much. That is if you have a portfolio that does the talking for you. If you want something remote then backend jobs will do the trick.


Have you thought about switching to Tech? If you have a job currently and you think the right step for you is to switch to tec, have you thought about what part of Tech would you like to venture into and what the right skill is for you? If you’re into problem-solving then you’d want to take a product design course, why? A product designer at its core is a problem solver. As a product designer, you’d create and execute solutions using different facets and tools for solving a user’s experience deficiencies. Even if you know nothing about it, start a course at Torilo Academy and you’ll learn on the way.

If you presently focus on the technical think-through part of your job, relating with clients and customers, being a middle man and the likes then you can take a web development or software management course. The demand is on the rise and the market demand is expected to grow by and by. As a web developer, you get to design and create websites; you’ll be responsible for the look of the site’s technical aspects, performance, capacity, speed and how much traffic the site can handle. As a software developer, you design apps and plan how the pieces work together. Analyze user needs then design test and develop software that meets them. You also get to recommend software upgrades for customers & client.

If you currently do almost everything and you’re interested in being aware of a lot of things then you should apply for full-stack. Our expert consultants will provide you with all the answers you need through this process.


Probably you’re interested in stepping up your game on reaching more people online then you should take a digital marketing course. Already have an idea, then get an advanced certification to better study the audience and monitor sales.


If this is what you’re gunning for, then you ought to opt for a course related to what you do or what your organization needs. Check where your organization is lacking and switch over to the tech side to fixing it.


Your side hustle must be something that can work smoothly without affecting your job. Most jobs won’t allow you to take up jobs in your current role that will conflict with their interest so a digital marketing skill, or graphics design is a good go-to. Why? It allows you to take jobs that you can do in your free time without affecting your job.


Tech-related jobs pay in 6 figures and more once you are creative, curious and good at what you do. You do not have to stick to one tech course; individuals who are professionals in a particular skill often have practicable knowledge of a variety of tech skills.

Now that you have all this information, you can be sure you’d be making the right decision as you decide on the right tech skill for you. Do you still want to consult with one of our professionals? Our team of experts can’t wait to be of help to you. Contact us here.

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